About us

Suditi Industries was founded in 1991 as a processing plant. Over the years we have grown in both size and scale with a set up that includes knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing and garmenting departments. This growth allows us to control all the processes in the value chain, increasing our ability to provide standardized good quality products.

Certificates like the ISO 9001: 2000, GOTS and OEKO TEX S-100 only strengthen our reputation in the textile industry and reiterate our mantra for professionalism and high standards. It is hence a combination of our infrastructure and experience that enables us to work with some of the top retail brands and provide them with all their garmenting needs.

Our management team constantly updates itself with new techniques, machinery and processes, which can be learned or acquired to help strengthen our portfolio. It is this attitude to constantly grow that has led a processing plant to become a vertically integrated manufacturing set up. Now, this ambition has culminated into us creating our own retail brand, Riot.

Riot is a venture started by us a few years ago with the aim of providing the youth of India fashionable garments of good quality at reasonable prices. It was our set up that inspired such a decision because we had the chance to eliminate the tradeoff between quality and cost by managing both in-house.

Suditi Industries is still growing and does not plan to stop anytime soon.

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